Monday, April 13, 2020

Help! Quicksand!!!

We did some great work today exploring states of matter . We looked at Oobleck, a mixture of starch and water that's actually kind of tough to classify. It looks and feels like a liquid until you push or pull on it with great force.

Then we learned about quicksand, another mixture that behaves in the same strange way. Although these days, quicksand is not high on our list of worries, neither was a pandemic 2 months ago... Should someone fall into some quicksand, we wanted to know what's the best way to get them out: yanking them quickly or with slow movements.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Science in Motion - REANIMATED

These days, scientists are making a comeback. They're cool, they know stuff, and they're all that stands between us and complete panic.

What better time for you to sharpen your science skills? 

So, without further ado...
What's the secret ingredient for delicious gravy, a delectable flour-less chocolate cake, and a simulation for testing the best way to escape from quicksand?!

Inquiring minds want to know!

You'll be carrying out a hands-on investigation in your kitchen, so get your parents' permission before you start. Promise you'll clean up afterward - that will earn you lots of points!

Like all good scientists, you'll need to follow directions, collect data, analyze your results, and think critically about what you've learned.

PRINTABLE VERSION (print it out or copy the important parts into a notebook.)

I'd love to hear from you.
SEND YOUR RESULTS, COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, PICTURES, and VIDEO to  by APRIL 13th AT 5:00 pm. In the subject line, please write the name of the lab.

I'll post the best stuff here tomorrow.