Wednesday, December 31, 2008

General Science: Elements we know and love

This week we in introduced the Periodic Table of Elements. At first the kids were a bit overwhelmed by all the scary looking numbers and letters, but on closer inspection, they realized that there were a lot of elements they know quite well. After talking a bit about different elements the kids carried out an experiment in which they explored the properties of sulfur and iron using a magnifying glass, a microscope, and a magnet. They combined them, and then assessed whether they had performed a physical change or a chemical change.

Here are some of the high points of their results:

iron: black, magnetic
sulfur: yellow, smelly, not magnetic
iron + sulfur: grayish yellow, smelly, BUT easily separated from each other with a magnet

Physical or decide!

Chemistry trivia: What are the chemical symbols for sulfur and iron? Ask your kids and let them show off their Latin!

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