Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Skeletons in your closet

I love chanukah! Lighting the menorah, eating latkas, and of course let's not forget the gifts. On day 6, I received the best gift animal skull! Two kids were hiking in the Carmel forest and came upon this beauty and managed to lug it home. Too good an opportunity to pass on, we skipped the usual physics and did some skeletal analysis. The kids examined a couple different skulls and mandibles and used their observations to infer a number of things about the animals including: what they ate, how they walked, and what they used more: smell or sight.
Finally they made educated guesses about the identities of the skulls. I will be consulting with my friend Efrat, the vet, to get a final verdict. Look at the 2nd picture to see if you can id the skulls.

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