Thursday, November 25, 2010

Biology: The birds and the bees

This week we investigated flowers...beautiful displays of nature, so fragrant, so delicate, so easy to cut into lots of tiny pieces! Yes, this week ten flowers donated their bodies to science, so that your children could learn about the birds and the bees...literally.

The kids dissected lilies and matched each part with a description of the role it plays in making more flowers. Pollination, fertilization, ovules, and anthers, we covered it all...a comprehensive discussion of the facts of (plant) life.

One of the reasons we introduced this topic now is in preparation for an exciting international research project we will be joining run by an organization called iEARN. Classrooms around the world will be planting daffodils and other bulbs during the last week of November. We will be collecting data on temperature and other variables, and over the next few months we will be tracking the daffodils' growth. Throughout the project we will be sharing our results with other participating schools and groups. To read more about the project, you can check the following link

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