Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Science Fair 2010

This year's Science Fair was a big success! Our general scientists did some excellent product testing, the physicists' inventions will no doubt be lining the shelves next year at Sharper Image, and the biologists planned and executed some fascinating projects on the human body.

Here is a quick summary of the results from the biology projects:
  • Spinning with your eyes closed made you dizzier than with your eyes open.
  • Doing exercise slowed down drinking capacity, more so with water than with coke.
  • The effects of static electricity were observed the most in people with wavy hair.
  • The right hand of righties was more sensitive to temperature than was their left.
  • Boys had greater lung capacity than girls.
Our scientists had a lot more to say than just the bottom line, so please ask the kids about the challenges they faced carrying out projects with human subjects.

Kudos to all our budding young scientists as well as their supportive families and friends!

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